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Liu Ji not understand how, Zhongdao Lin's voice just disappears, a hoarse voice sounded in his mind immediately: "Hello little friends, the old lady Guang Han Yi, or the old lady to explain exactly how the matter it better to do something and solve the small Friends of the doubt! "
"That ... ... that's what school you apply it?"

Liu is afraid that even though the base of people called Zhongdao Lin mischief, after all, the impact of the tree's name is still respectful: "The older generation, please tell!"
Ouyang Hua Li a sharp knock on the head in Guozai Ming, Guo Ziming pain, shouting, which sound in the living room just to hear the restless Ouyang Ruonan, they immediately raise concerns of several pole.
"South University!"

Guang Han Yi's tone seems more urgent than Zhongdao Lin, Liu Ji's voice down, he opened his mouth, explains: "Zhongdao You just spoken sentence is true, shame is a little old lady only hastily Shending the power lead, This makes it back to bite its own force, now housed in the old lady soul tripod, if not Zhongdao You asylum, cough ... ... might well have Xingshenjumie it! "
Over the phone was silent, "it should be able to go more than five hundred and ninety, and Xu Jing, I ... I really ...." Tao Jingjing Here, is not a sound of tears.

"Xingshenjumie ... ... Shending?" Liu Ji heard the more confused, stunned: "The older generation in the end say what?"
"I want to know and give honest point."
Xu Jing Tao Jingjing know what to say, knocked his heart with mixed feelings, the ups and downs together took to heart. "I think you can be on the school." Here, Xu Jing smiled, "Jingjing, we do not is the alumni of the old."

Liu Guang Han Yi also fear-based confusion, try to organize and easy to understand language: "The simpler, said Zhongdao You Emei Heaven is studied under the founder of Tai-pupil 13 years ago by chance involved in the invasion of earth Jiuhuashan Devil a war, after inhalation into the main hall of the seal in the Void Meridian E Ding, who shuttle the magic circles, magic arrived, the came back, but after some twists and turns. "
"Well, just ... just ...." Tao Jingjing to say something, but not good openings.

Paused, then some frustration: "not to mention a small friendly, even the old lady, can not really figure out and there's origins, details still have to go out after such Zhongdao You can understand."
Guo Ziming had rubbed his head, listening obediently Ouyang Hua story.
"Just what, you say."

"In short, now I have two like a leaf boat in the sea, only to identify you with the spiritual sense of life forms, even friends and small talk are extremely difficult, and only the soul with so Zhongdao You outsiders body, magic lift Shending seal, in order to rescue me out of two, also can help your little friends! "
"Spiritual sister or sister and that things are not raw gas, I am afraid they are ...."

With the wide cold Yi slowly that Liu had a base before getting to know about the original date of emergence Seven Islands of the East China Sea, the wide access to information just in Mobei cold Yi traveled mentoring, starry night and hardships they immediately south Ninghai state.
"Simply put, we Ouyang considered a family, I would be 17th generation of the family patriarch, Ouyang family from the Qianlong period, we began doing business, if the world has always been peace and prosperity, then we Ouyang is a family of at most wealthy family only, unfortunately, ah, big Qing defeat, as the fancy bullying, that period if not even think about their own armed peace on the business, from that time, Ouyang family from a single business began to diversify. "
Xu Jing said: "Never mind, I believe so after we met, everything will change. Yes, the phone is how much Linger, I wanted to give her a call."

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 let me down Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

She Lang shook his head, and gentle orange peel skin, into the bed next to the cabinet top, and then breaking off a flap into the mouth of the next bud light orange chew. Donghua City City and nine days apart thousands of kilometers, even if their full flight, but also several hours to arrive, come here really weird. But even then the weight of injury can somehow good, and be a small state.
At the moment, in the upper reaches of streams, scene of human tragedy is unfolding. Here, the gap is very large river, silver rivers flowing down from ten high-altitude Shu Zhang, Kuan Jin Zhang Yu form a small despicably small waterfall. After years of being under the impact of taking waterfalls, forming a small pool, lake clarity of the stream called the turn, the overflow lake surface, continue winding eastbound. Shore pools, bamboo green, herb flowers born over and over.
Bath Volume I Chapter 65 God burnt shameless lies

Snapped, ward door was open, and two young nurses came small.
United States, such as in this dream place, it should not happen in the event ... ...
Chapter words: 2079 Updated :07 -07-30 20:38

"Three bed, how do you then throw fruit leather anywhere! Such a boss, how not even the point of civic-minded!" A small freckle face suddenly cried the little nurse. But most people pay attention to is her nose shelves with the covers one third of the face of the thick glasses.
"You devil, would be subjected to retribution, hum ..." absolutely sad mournful voice mixed with the sad whimper. Witness at her husband to save his and the "devil" enemies, breaks against the results of the final was actually their limbs broken foot, a double death to dead in the stream next to really feel then!
"Pastor, quick sit down." Madi Luo old man, but it is quietly said: "Rex noble Paladin, please respect the vision of a senior appraiser, the pastor's ability far exceeds your imagination It can be said that he is an essential partner adventure tour. is someone to take a holy priest to level change, and I refused. "

"Oh, a small nurse ah, young people are really, are not willing to even sweep a way, it is not hard-working spirit that, his uncle a big deal for a sweep that is, any help you go to the busy, do not talk to me . "bearded uncle said as he ate, pop and spit toward the ground a few Ju He.
Mimi out of the blood flow into the grass along the river, the red more than half of the stream. Three killer stood grinning at the moment is crying in front of almost breathe the comedown. Young woman dressed as a woman, dress is very simple, appears to be near a village Cunnv, fair-skinned, handsome, be regarded as in the posture of. And now, her upper body has been almost completely torn clothes, exposing one pair of white breasts called Need, as two large ceramic hemisphere, strong yet full. Top two ball Nenhong bud, is excited with her breathing and trembling slightly. In addition to the beautiful eyes the tears, the only despair.

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 the Red generals Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The height of the tower is not high, but enough to more than the entire nine days college, do not know how much energy is drained of hundreds of different artificial enchantment around the tower, such as the circumference of the barrel up, although the tower is surrounded by circles surrounded by a tight end, but the top of the ring is empty undercooked.
Lying on the edge of the entrance, you can see Mohan entered the cave, started the wings, white wings very eye-catching in the dark, then circled down, and soon disappeared in the darkness.

This is the thought of another dust Yang a good way to save costs.
Next is the endless waiting.
LIU Qing Ni concentration, the first phrase is still listening, but that last part back. Is Yue Ting, Tan, the more open his mouth wide open. Shame cloud clouds. Just the formation of a solid state of mind, is almost shattered. Had to repeatedly break to calm meditation. Ancun in mind before the real solid, the farther away from this guy is better.

Tower is great, but this melee, the number of participants, Yang dust unified look, even three dozen people, and all of them have extraordinary strength, light towers such a big place, not enough to display them, but if we increase the area of is tantamount to added costs, Yang dust even been occupied area of ??space, anyway, the space above the ring can be infinitely extended, but also do not spend extra money and wanted the master who does not care about super-channeling jump up and down.
I walked back and forth next to the hole after a few laps, could not help but ask: "days the wind elders, this hole is not difficult to find ah! Why you have not previously come here looking for 'Fengjixuchui' This town family magic it? "

She Lang and participate in the melee opponents who have come to the tower at this time on stage, numerous cameras outside the enchantment of different angles, all directions begin the nine days of live college event.

Yue Feng Ping is mouth fell open, eyes wide, bell-like the size. Of course, he knows that guy's lustful Liu Qian level. Thought that after so many years of practice, they have begun to catch up with him. But how did they think, their sensuality, and his almost worse than the galaxy. To catch up with him, I am afraid that life did not play. Help some discouraged.

Take this ring as in the air, which came nine days School would like to see this war can not be nine days into the college crowd though, but strapped to aircraft in the sky like the real watch, broadcast fun than at home watching some So this time, nine colleges over the various types of aircraft from afar, such as mosquitoes, like the never-ending enchantment to wear around the edge of a huge flight.
"We have this one to good luck, and second, to magic he might have intended this world, so will we so easily to find the entrance. Remember the last time, we are adults and elders came a few days, can not find miles . "

One to fear the unexpected test of harm to innocent people, and secondly because they really do not know how enthusiastic the audience as a qualified audience should follow the discipline, and perhaps the next bet a lot of it, some even hobble around on the aircraft straight enchantment collision, the object of their wager fuel.
I was surprised: "The magic is not your town family treasure it? How well this world is not secular is said?"
"Liu Gongzi is Nver Shen?" To maintain the original look has been cold to Shuangshuang, at the moment his face is very pale. Staggered backwards a few steps, his face does not believe. Haide savory quickly hold her to live, afraid to lose her power fell.

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  the adjustment Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

"Oh, Secretary-General, Road has been cleared out, you still go and television, are also well prepared early to point." Driver turned a deaf ear to Chen Shuo, straight for Liu Quankun said.
Do not say no to this even the sanctuary of the dark magic successor, even the presence of any person, is absolutely not the slightest grasp of resistant under such attack!

"Listen to listen to," Feng was the phone one handed, "to you and give you, then ah!"
"Yes. Ch'en, there is nothing such as speech over again, we go first!" Liu Quankun the other not so anxious to make any demands of the environment, and hurried down the stairs next.
Just think of forest to poor say, the hearts of all no greater contempt the idea of ??a half minutes.

Shuo Chen nodded and followed Liu Quankun left behind, but in the car before, or forget to take the reporters looked around to ask questions of the "Lynx members."
"Why, and I said OK, then OK!"

"I do not, but I also do not go." Side court grumbles, firm said.
"Oh, Ding, you greatly exposed the Bobcats this time a face." Father laughed.
Words crazy enough, but have to admit, to see the strength of forest raw cold now, there is this mad capital, at least, in front of them there!

I am a bit feebly moaned: "Father, you let me. People do not know, you do not understand? If not you, I do not know that there are so many fun to see."
Slight sigh, slowly revealing no trace in the eyes look a little complicated, once again, he's very proud, because in his mind, their generation, regardless of who they are, their strength can not be stronger than .

Lao Feng Dou Zhuoshou court repeatedly refers to the side a few, but do not know what to say, when it becomes so tough chick, but she is also responsible for, no wonder he.
"Which man is a liar!" Father said, "what the name of his banner so that you and Charlotte tales reputation."
Snowy night enlightenment, into the sanctuary, and since then, the same order after the battle, no one defeat!

"Who knows." I do not think, I only know that the driver is definitely not members of the Bobcats. Ma Tianyu Bobcats now these members except the main cadres, a total of one hundred eighty-eight, I understand if not all, but the overall mix of Lianshu, this man I totally did not look impressed.
This means do enough to support his pride, and just now he had to admit, this homely forest to poor, have the strength to threaten him!

Feng was so far away some court any connection with the up side, had carried her, covered her microphone as a low voice asked: "What that will be the site where the Tigers?"
"Oh ......" Father has forbidden to live to laugh and said," you may be quiet for a long time the Bobcats, who really FANS Daibu Zhu, and in occasional cases know the triumph of the plot, so playing out this trick! Oh, how no one will do for me God BU advertising. "
Honestly, in fact, he's stunt bottom pressure can also be more level, the release of considerable strength and sanctuary in order, but called the face of this magnificent forest raw cold attacks, but also is not much grasp of the , at most, can only say that the outcome between the fifth!

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  a continuous Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Yasuo Konno scream like a dog.
Xiao North nodded, a strange bird finally know what animals in the end is, and just chatting up and Horses, in the arrival of Horses just a place to live, the family touches for adults show that there has been a further understanding.
Came to the top finally saw, I did find the people, not my imaginary hair is white old man, but to lay the same middle-aged Green Spirit looks.

"That is an for you to make a little warning, will also, I am prepared to give us the gift of Mr. Konno out!"
But Xiao Stern who used to call the North is not unusual for adults and beauty, or the owner, will simply call her beautiful show, this call for Xiao North, Horses just do not say anything, but he is a very beautiful woman show respect, and naturally will not easily change the call with Shaw North, where Xiao Fu Horses from the north know that the original figure this horse in the mouth just a family show adult world is different after he came to this encounter the first race, but this show was still adults and nearly died to save the Horses Fu, and that makes it just Horses can live up to now.
Void Master see me, curious and asked: "Green spirit lay, the little brother is, he is come to me?"

"Yes, Ge!"
Beauty show for the tribe, although Horses just have to live with them for nearly a decade the way, but the understanding is still quite simple and obvious, but one thing he did very sure that this beautiful show of his people are beyond the days of each stage of the terrible master, who identified him in the eyes, not even a minimum of servants are not really cheap, but for that beautiful show took him, now living on their own do not know where to go.
Green Spirit lay smiled and said: "Yes, he is from the Once upon a specifically come looking for you, and in the end to find what you have to let him speak to you?"

Will soon also some things from the inside out.
See Horses just said here, showing his face involuntarily resigned, Xiao North orc guess this simple and honest character in these years, will be subject to a lot of humiliation, but Xiao North strange is why this horse will endure just to this map ?
Void Master looked at me carefully and said: "It's strange, the little brother so young, there really is such a repair is another old lady eye-opener, but also shuttle fairy god it is Guaizai two circles, small Brother, you have to find anything for the old lady? "

Yasuo Konno endured the pain you look closely, it is ticket, passport, and some documents.
Xiao North Horses naturally not believe just the words in the horse's mouth just figure, he is nothing but a poor orc, control of the few animals not only fighting the mouth, but how he does not think that Shaw North For the understanding of the orcs, but to be much more than just the imagination of horse figure, although the contact between each other, not a long time, it is not fully aware of the Horses in the end is just a kind of orc, but Xiao North has certainly, at least just this horse figure God is the beast master of the level, if he is without reservation to play all their power, even if the show really is not that the beauty of the opponent, it will not as vulnerable as he said!
I am busy, said: "The older, younger Ling Xian's life should be You came here to learn Void sky Dafa."

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